Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi & Bye Most Likely...

Hi all!
How are you guys? I's been a super long while since I dropped in a note last time.
As I'm such a bad blogger, and I'm getting weird spam here, I'm closing this blog and start new one somewhere else some time...
Thanks so much everyone for reading. Hope to see you on Facebook or elsewhere!

Your Princess

Friday, December 4, 2009

We Need Your Help to bring the World Cup to San Diego

We got this at Nikki's job from the local Hotel-Motel Assn.

WOW! That'd be exciting to host a World Cup in San Diego! I will get to see FINE players:)

But 2018? 2022??? When is that? WAIT! It will come before you know it!

Dear Friends :

We need HELP to bring the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event, to America’s Finest City. San Diego is bidding to be included in the USA’s bid and to be a host city for the World Cup. We need 50,000 online signatures to even be considered.

Please click on the banner or go to show your support for San Diego by entering your email address and zip code. We encourage you to forward this email to all your contacts. Thank you for your help!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends from the past to present!
I'm so thankful to have known you.
To those of you I don't have much chance to see or talk anymore, like my puppy home family & GDB kennel staff and trainers, I'll always remember you and forever grateful! But for your love and patience, I wouldn't have become a working guide dog!
To those of you around me every day, thanks so much for everything. I enjoy working, playing, and of course, eating... I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Here's wishing you a safe & wonderful time with your loved ones!

Your Princess

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool Holiday Gift Idea that helps GDB!

Hola :)

This is forwarded from my friend & her guide dog. Such a cool idea! 
Kathy's daughter Zoe (8 years old) had a report to do on animals and decided to do it about Guide Dogs.  She contacted the school and they sent her my way.  Zoe did a face-to-face interview with me about Anya.  I even showed her some Braille and how to walk with a cane.  She got an "A" on her report :)

Well, they thought to help raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind, anyone who places a Mary Kay order with her, online website link (  and mentions "Anya" in the comments section of the order, she will donate 25% of the proceeds of your purchase to Guide Dogs for the Blind.  
Kathy Risch
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Phone: 310-339-8032

Again, no pressure or obligation, just thought you might want to know.



You must be the change you wish to see in the world.       -Gandhi

Thursday, October 22, 2009

FYI, Dog food recall

Got this from the GDB Lounge list.
A manufacturer of natural pet food has recalled some of its products,
fearing they may contain mold.

Wysong Corporation
< > has recalled bags of dry dog food from certain shipments. The foods involved are of the Maintenance and Senior product
lines. The company announced on its Web site today that these batches have
proven to be "above acceptable moisture levels and may contain mold."

If your bag of Wysong dry dog food bears one of the following batch numbers,
do not feed it to your dog:

Wysong Maintenance: lot numbers 090617, 090624, 090706, 090720.
Wysong Senior: lot number 090623

Depending on which type of mold grows on the moist food, the effects can
range from barely noticeable to lethal.
Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms, says Lee Herold, a critical-care
veterinarian at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital But, she says, some forms of mold can
produce a bacteria called Mycotoxin, which can cause life-threatening
seizures or liver failure. Usually, she sees these extreme cases in dogs
that get into a moldy compost bin and eat a lot of it, but she says mold in
dry food is definitely cause for concern.

The lot number is located in one of two places, depending on if you bought
the food in a bag or a box. On the box, it's easy. A number following the
format in the list above will be on the top of the box. On the bags, it's a
little trickier: hold the bag so that you're looking at the front of it.
Turn it upside down, so you're still looking at the front, but the writing
is upside down now. Now you should see a number imprinted into the crimping
on the bottom of the bag (which is now on top), the company says.

You can return the food to the retailer you bought it from or contact the
company for product replacement. To contact Wysong, send an email and put "Product Replacement

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tidbits of Stuff

So, Nikki always acts like she's working so hard, and that's all she does! But that's not true!
She has such a sweet hubby who surprises her with occasional nite-out & trips.
This summer, we went to Vegas to celebrate our friend's birthday. The idea sounded so cool until I found out that it was going to be crazy hot there in July!!! I thought San Diego summer was hot, but no joke! Vegas was burning my paws even at night!!! It wasn't too bad when we were moving, but stopping at the curb was like a torture. I couldn't help dancing around & got a yank on my leash. Boo... What have I done to deserve this??? We tried to stay inside during the day, and went out at night. But it was hot even at night!!! Like one bus driver said, "All you tourists, you pay my bills. But who in the right mind would think about going to the middle of the desert in summer if it wasn't for Las Vegas!" ... Well, we all survived & had a good time! Of all the nice restaurants and buffet, the place Nikki wanted to eat in Vegas was Sonic!!! Cheap date, huh!
San Diego is not the entertainment capital, so-to-speak, but there are tons of stuff for enrichment. We saw two Broadway shows this summer. "Wicked" and the "Lion King" They were both very good shows with lots of music. While people enjoyed the show, I traveled to the Oz and African Savannas in my sleep. zzzzzzz
Who said labs are supposed to love water! You know how I hate water... So all these times I've lived in San Diego, I had never been on the beach; we've walked along the boardwalk, but never on the sand where the chance of getting wet is greater. Well, that was until a few weeks ago. We went to La Jolla Shore with friends. One of them was visiting all the way from Hong Kong! No, it's not the kind of Kong toy! Silly pups! But that's OK; I thought about Kong too when she told us that she was from Hong Kong!!! Anyway, they decided to go closer to the water! I was a bit nervous, but I gave in & went with them. Nikki took off the harness so I could relax & enjoy the beach. We walked along the water line, but the waves were really after us! My paws got wet, and I wasn't real happy about it. While we were on the beach, a lifeguard came up to us and said that the dogs weren't allowed till 6:00pm. But he was cool with me as soon as Nikki told him that I was a guide dog. He even gave me a pat on the head.
Another first was the dog park! Joe & Jake took us to a dog park they go often. WOW so many dogs!!! Little ones, big ones, nice ones, mean ones... we all ran around & had ton of fun! We had to cut it short because some mean dogs started a big fight. I hope we go back to the dog park again some time soon! I hear that there's a cool dog beach in Coronado with fewer mean dogs. That sounds really fun! I wish I could go right now! I'm always working. I need R&R...
Well, that's the rundown of my summer happenings. Hope you aren't tired of reading it; that's if you managed to read the whole thing...
Time to go do my biz!
Love from your Princess

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After a Looooong Absence

Hey Peeps & Pups!

Remember me??? I'm still here!
I heard that a group of Search & Rescue dogs have been dispatched for the mission of finding a lost princess. Is it true??? Hahaha, just kidding... Over the summer, I was quite busy & had no PC time mainly because my mean lady was always on the computer. Did anyone see her on Facebook and Twitter? Yes, just like million other humans, Nikki is a Facebook addict!

Anyway, I'm finally back in the blogging world! How do you like the new look of the page? I rearranged some stuff & added new links. Hope you like it! The only problem I'm having is, I lost some of the links to your blogs. So let me know if you don't see yours here!

OK, I promise; I'll update more often, but for now, have to report to my duty!

See Ya:)

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